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Watching the Time


While at work, I try desparately hard to not look at the time.  I don’t wear a watch, and my cell phone sits on my desk in silent mode until my work day is over.

But as hard as I try not to look at the time, time is constantly looking at me.  I swear, the clocks surrounding me have eyes.  They glare at me, and I feel the heat of their presence daring me to look back at them.Image

The clock on my computer gets more attention than any other.  I made it through the first two paragraphs without looking at the clock on my monitor, and then the clock on my phone grabbed me.  Damn it.  1:17pm.  2 hours and 43 minutes until sanity.  (Or…  163MTS)

I’ve owned two non-plastic watches in my (almost) 33 years.

The first, a Joe Boxer watch, was bought for me by my Aunt right before I entered college, nearly 15 years ago.  (Wow…  Time flies!)  It had a rooster that spun around, or perhaps a chicken, and I believe there was a fried egg marking the 12.  Unfortunately I couldn’t find an image when I did a search for it.

The second, a nice Kenneth Cole watch, was my Christmas present from my ex-husband 10 years ago, right before we found out we were pregnant with our first.  I still have that watch, however the extra links we took out (because at that time I had skinny wrists) are now in his possession.

Ha!  Desk-phone clock, you nearly drew me all the way in!  I was able to avert my eyes just before you had me!

Even at home Dave and I tend to look at the time more often than we probably should.  (Damn desk phone got me…  1:34…)  Anyway, we look less than we did when we had cable, but…  Why are we looking?  Yes, there reaches a point when we’re tired and we know we need to get to bed soon if we’re going to get enough rest for the next day.  But where does the obsession with time come from?  Why do we let time consume us, rather than enjoying every second for what it is?


If anyone knows a way to turn the ability to see the clock on a PC monitor off, please let me know.

Pregnant Pet Peeve #2 – The Supposed Value of MY Time


I’m pretty sure we’ve all been there…  We have a doctor’s appointment on our calendar so we drop whatever we’re doing at a certain time to ensure we arrive on time, if not early. 

And then we arrive…

One step into the waiting room and we mutter, “Oh, shit” to ourselves.

The room is packed.  Yes, there are empy chairs, but they are the ones inbetween two people, who are most likely spilling off their own chair onto the empty one.


Then comes my favorite part.  The wait.  You were there 5-10 minutes early, and then you sit in the waiting room for 20-30 minutes.  Or, better yet, they put you in a patient room right away, without any magazines, and you sit there for 45-90 minutes.  Just when your eye lids drop and you drift into a pleasant dream about being anywhere besides the doctor’s office, the doctor walks in and asks, “Are you tired?” 

No, dummy…  You may make $100K+ per year and hold a doctorate, but you’re STUPID!  I’m not tired, I’m bored and pissed off!

And then the doctor looks at me, asks two questions and is finished with his/her exam in 2-5 minutes.  TOPS.

What a crock.

So, Dear Doctors…

Why, if I’m more than 15 minutes late to my appointment do I get charged for the appointment AND have to reschedule, however you can keep me waiting for over an hour and I get no type of discount?  I’m here on my lunch break (supposedly), however my lunch is only supposed to be 30 minutes so now I’ve lost an hour of pay for the day.


 Apparently your time is worth $100’s per hour, and mine is worth…  well…  nothing…

Nine O’Clock Irritableness


A week ago our life changed, and my work day right along with it.  The two lines on the pregnancy test quickly extinguished what had become a regular point of sanity recovery in my day.  And ever since then, I sit here between 9 and 930, realizing I’ve been at work for two hours already, and wondering how much longer this day is going to be.  Yes, the answer is obvious.  I will be here until 4pm.  But how LOOONG is that really going to be?

I can’t deny at all that I miss my smoke breaks.  I miss sitting under the bus-stop-like shelter, freezing my butt off, chatting with co-workers from the office and warehouse.  My smoke breaks were the most social part of my day.  Refilling my water bottle six times a day (no, I wasn’t taking six smoke breaks) doesn’t fill the social void.

As I type this I realized, as I have many times in the past week, that my smokeless irritableness causes me to chomp down on my chewing gum as I remember my mom doing many times when I was growing up.  Mom didn’t do it because she gave up smoking (she didn’t smoke).  She only seemed to chew gum when she was irritable.  And if my sister or I saw Mom chewing gum, we usually kept quiet and/or walked away.

Even more than the fact that I’m not smoking, I believe my irritableness is caused by sheer boredom.  I have a bachelor’s degree in Interior Architecture and I’m working as an Administrative Assistant.  Most of the work I do is financial reporting, a profession I never wanted to be part of.  I’m radically right brained.  I’m not built to be using Excel all day tracking cost savings and the implications of commodity cost increases.

9:46am.  Blah.