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Thing 1 and Thing 2


From time to time I’ve been asked why I refer to our boys as Thing 1 and Thing 2 on my blog or on Facebook.  While at first it was to protect the boys from the social media stalkers of the world, the reasons go a little bit deeper:

1.  Yes, the base is to protect them from the social media stalkers and potential kidnappers who could possibly harm them.  Do I have a real concern of this happening to them?  No.  However should someone try, it will be harder to lure one of my boys to the car by calling them “Thing 1” or “Thing 2” rather than his real name.  We have taught them about Stranger Danger, however who knows what would happen if presented with a bag of their favorite treats.  These two are too priceless to take the chance.

Things 1 and 2 with Coolest Dad Ever

2.  I share my birthday with Dr. Seuss.  While it would be easy to ignore this, I LOVE Dr. Seuss and will draw influence from him wherever possible.

Thing 1 and Thing 2. Buy your copy of Cat in the Hat at Amazon.com!

3.  Calling the boys Thing 1 and Thing 2 allows me that extra half-second to remember their real names.  Yes, I only have two boys.  But once in a while I still stumble over who I’m talking to or about.  Thus, I allow myself that Thing… 1 moment!

4.  The boys, although complete sweethearts, can trash our house in less than an hour.  They can get home from school to a clean house, and within a half hour we can find homework strewn across the kitchen, game controller cords laced across the living room like a laser maze, and coats and shoes thrown on the floor as if their attempt to a make a fort out of them collapsed.  That’s not to mention the clothes they leave on the floor in their bedroom and bathroom, the dirty dishes they leave on the table as if we have a waitress, and their speedy movement (Thing 2) or mouths (both).

5.  They can aggravate the heck out of us, but we still love them.


Pregnant Pet Peeve #1 – Potty Manners


Alright, maybe it’s just the pregnancy speaking, but since when did Ladies Rooms take on Mens Room manners? Perhaps I just missed all the untidiness before, but now that I’m using the restroom at work up to six times a day, I’m noticing the disrespectful cleanliness some of my co-workers show towards their colleagues.

For instance, and this is a small one… (please note *she* refers to no one in particular, however since it’s the ladies room I know the perpetrator(s) is not a male)

How hard is it to remove the paper seat cover off the seat when she is finished with her business? I don’t care what’s done with it after she removes it (as long as it’s flushed or thrown out), but why should I have to take care of her seat cover?

In addition, how hard is it to…

… flush as many times as she needs to after she poops to remove any evidence of what she ate yesterday?

… thoroughly push her feminine product into the box conveniently placed in the stall’s wall?

… pick up paper towels or pieces of toilet paper that fall on the floor?

OK, I think that’s it for now. Flush.