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36 Days to Go…


And I’m just now finalizing the wedding invitations.  No, I didn’t procrastinate.  And I definitely don’t have cold feet.  But these things are kicking my creative butt!

First I tried to design my own version of this invite using Photoshop.  Yes, I borrowed a design.  At $4 a pop for these invites because there are such a small quantity being ordered,  I/we couldn’t justify the expense.  I thought I could make my own version and get them printed at Walmart on photo paper.  When I uploaded the “picture” to Walmart’s site, however, it warned me that the resolution was too low.  I ordered one anyway, but without even picking it up (yet) I decided I better look for another option.

I think I found one.

This design, found at is both affordable and quirky, like us.  The only hesitation I have is that my best childhood friend has a thing about photo booths with her husband, and they had a photo booth theme on their Save the Dates two (or three?) years ago.  Hopefully she won’t mind my borrowing from her.

Finding pictures to use has been difficult.  With all the pictures we take, we have surprisingly few of the two of us together.  In the next year we’re going to have to be sure to take many more of us together.  The people in the pictures to the left ARE us.

The bottom of my wedding dress...

Did I mention I knit my wedding dress?  It only took a month…  If you take a look at my profile picture (for the moment) I’m wearing it there.  Or…  You can wait for a post after March 31 to see me in it on our wedding day!

The Last Pair in the Drawer


Yes, I’m talking about underwear.  And I believe the pair you put on can impact how your day goes.

For me, it’s always the same dilemma.  I’m rushing to get dressed, and while I have a basket (or two) of laundry waiting to be folded (with clean undies inside) I’m not willing to put on my robe and go downstairs to fetch them.

So I dig.

I push aside socks.

I check the back corners of the drawer where I know there’s nothing hiding.  If I weren’t so pressed for time I would probably check inside a sock or few.  I just don’t want to wear that last pair.  They are not me.  They were bought as one of those Victoria Secret “Buy _ for $___” deals, and I figured it was my chance to try a different cut. 

Yea, that cut doesn’t work.  At all.

So to my friends, family and co-workers on those days, my apologies.  If I act like I have something up my butt, I really do.  Blame in on the last pair.