I Wonder If You Know Him


Initially I had reservations about posting this on my blog.  I worried about offending my non-Christian readers.  However, then I realized…  In following MY Christian Faith, I can’t be afraid about offending my Christian readers.  I need to share my beliefs, and hope that my message will touch someone who needs to be brought closer to, and hopefully into a relationship with, Jesus.

On the way to service, Dave and I were listening to K-Love as we usually do at home, in the car, and at work.  This reminded me to tell Dave about the K-Love NASCAR car.  Yes, I’m a NASCAR fan.  I have been since shortly after moving to Ohio eight years ago.  Anyway, it excites me that someone donated the funds to make a K-Love car possible. (See below)

I believe this car may sometimes also be the I Am Second car.   I heard about I Am Second earlier this year while reading a blog.  Written by her family, the blog tells readers about the recovery efforts surrounding Lauren Scruggs, a model and blogger who was seriously injured shortly before Christmas 2011 after walking into a set of active airplane propellers.

I am Second Wristbands

Lauren’s mom, Cheryl, praises Jesus in almost every post, and it was her mention of I Am Second that led me to the site.  Immediately after finding out what the site was about, I knew I had to support them.  Today, Dave and I both wear wristbands 24/7, and I am glad that I ordered six, as I have already turned mine over four times.  I think it’s time to order more.  I AM second.  God is first.

At service this morning, Pastor Nick discussed carrying our crosses.  It was a very strong message.  As a Christian we need to cast aside any parts of our lives, whether they be people, material objects, desires, etc. that lead us away from our Christianity.  We need to carry our cross, and carry it proudly.  We can’t hide our necklaces under our shirts, or be afraid to say “God Bless You”.

Before service started, our church’s media director showed us the commercial the church is preparing for its Easter service.  Ginghamsburg Church will be hosting a BIG unified church service at the University of Dayton’s Arena on Easter Sunday.  All of Dayton is invited.  I’m very excited.  I’m sure the electricity in the air will be phenomenal.

Here’s the commercial…

When I arrived home, I thought a video we shown at service months ago.  After a quick search on Youtube I found it.  I Wonder If You Know Him.

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