The Last Pair in the Drawer


Yes, I’m talking about underwear.  And I believe the pair you put on can impact how your day goes.

For me, it’s always the same dilemma.  I’m rushing to get dressed, and while I have a basket (or two) of laundry waiting to be folded (with clean undies inside) I’m not willing to put on my robe and go downstairs to fetch them.

So I dig.

I push aside socks.

I check the back corners of the drawer where I know there’s nothing hiding.  If I weren’t so pressed for time I would probably check inside a sock or few.  I just don’t want to wear that last pair.  They are not me.  They were bought as one of those Victoria Secret “Buy _ for $___” deals, and I figured it was my chance to try a different cut. 

Yea, that cut doesn’t work.  At all.

So to my friends, family and co-workers on those days, my apologies.  If I act like I have something up my butt, I really do.  Blame in on the last pair.

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