Dave and I were discussing earlier this week how this pregnancy has moved on extremely fast.  Before I even knew I was pregnant the extreme fatigue kicked in, and the nausea and food aversions soon followed. We joked that maybe it’s because there are twins in there.

Before I go any further, I must say that there is no concrete evidence of twins, nor is there a history of multiples on my side of the family or his.

When I called the OB/GYN to tell them I had tested positive on several home pregnancy tests, they told me to go (come?) in for bloodwork.  The HcG results came back at 28.3. Looking it up on the Internet afterwards, I found out that a result of 25 or above is considered positive, and 25 is usually the result one day later in the cycle than when my blood was taken.  HcG levels supposedly double every 48 hours or so, so the doctor requested another blood test.  The next test was 4 days later. The result was over 180.  Ummm…  28.3 x 2 = 56.6 x 2 = 113.2…  NOT 180! 

I received those results today (you can do the math if you wish).  Now the doctor wants me to go back tomorrow for another test. This one will be 72 hours later, so theoretically the results should be around 540.  (180 x 2 = 360 +180 = 540)  I guess time will tell the truth. However…

I wanted breakfast for dinner. Look what came out of one of the eggs Dave cracked…


Double yolked egg! The first either of us has ever seen!

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