Pregnant Pet Peeve #1 – Potty Manners


Alright, maybe it’s just the pregnancy speaking, but since when did Ladies Rooms take on Mens Room manners? Perhaps I just missed all the untidiness before, but now that I’m using the restroom at work up to six times a day, I’m noticing the disrespectful cleanliness some of my co-workers show towards their colleagues.

For instance, and this is a small one… (please note *she* refers to no one in particular, however since it’s the ladies room I know the perpetrator(s) is not a male)

How hard is it to remove the paper seat cover off the seat when she is finished with her business? I don’t care what’s done with it after she removes it (as long as it’s flushed or thrown out), but why should I have to take care of her seat cover?

In addition, how hard is it to…

… flush as many times as she needs to after she poops to remove any evidence of what she ate yesterday?

… thoroughly push her feminine product into the box conveniently placed in the stall’s wall?

… pick up paper towels or pieces of toilet paper that fall on the floor?

OK, I think that’s it for now. Flush.

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